About Campbell's Plumbing

Mission Statement
Campbell’s Plumbing is proud to be the most informed Plumbing and Building Maintenance Company within the industry. We are constantly adapting our methods of approach to suit each client’s needs, through a great sense of understanding and communication. By not being subject to only one field of the plumbing and building industry, we are proud to be both versatile and forward thinking.


Campbell’s Plumbing believes firmly in Honesty, Reliability, Integrity and Consistency. We also take great pride in Quality Workmanship, and therefore are continuously training our staff in order to guarantee client satisfaction.


During our term as a Company Campbell’s Plumbing has 20 years’ experience and have revamped countless bathrooms, and installed countless water reticulation systems for both Domestic and Commercial applications, as well as a variety of construction and building maintenance projects. Giving us sound and versatile experience within our industry. Campbell’s Plumbing has also since its inception become the preferred plumbing and building maintenance company for numerous complexes, contractors, and domestic clients.